Underworld is the underwear factory situated on Coronation Street, which for years has employed many residents of Weatherfield. The company was founded by Mike Baldwin asBaldwins Casuals but is now currently owned by Carla Connor. After the death of MikeDanny Baldwin and Adam Barlow sell their shares to Paul and Liam Connor, after Paul's death his wife, Carla, inherits his 60% share in the factory. Carla's new husband Tony Gordon purchases Liam's Shares shortly before he dies, but after Tony is sent down for his murder Carla buys his shares, before Nick Tilsley purchases them in early 2010. Nick sells his 40% Share back to Carla after the pair didn't get on to well. More recently Frank Foster bought Nick's former 40% share from Carla.

In early June 2010, Tony took revenge on Carla and Roy Cropper by kidnapping her and Roy's wife Hayley before setting the factory alight with Carla inside. She manages to escape but Tony walks back into the blazing factory and dies. During the re-construction of the factory John Stape and Charlotte Hoyle hide the body of Colin Fishwick, who died in number 5 Coronation Street following an argument with the pair, under the floor of the factory in a hole after John had stole Colin's identity in order to allow him to teach again. However, unbeknown to John Owen Armstrong Construction were just about to cement over the hole and before John could do anything the floor was covered with cement and Colin was buried in under floor. The body remained undetected for nearly a year until July 2011 when drain problems with the factory toilets led to the floor being dug up. John, terrified that his secret was about to be uncovered, managed to get himself on the labour team and went to the factory late one night to find Colin's body as wife Fiz walks in and discovers the body. Eventually, the police find out about John's cover up and investigate, but John makes a get away, leaving Fiz forced to the wrath for his crimes. Frank Foster took up a partnership with Carla with investment in the company, his relationship grew with Carla and they became engaged. As the wedding plans progressed Carla realised that she still had feelings for Peter Barlow and she called off the wedding. Frank raped Carla at her flat, which she later went to the police about. Frank was arrested but was later released on bail but was not allowed near Carla or the business. Frank's mother stepped in his shoes at the factory and interfered with Carla's life making it harder for her to run the factory. Frank stole the clients from Underworld and sent in men to take his share of items and stock from the business so he could set up his new business else where in the area. With no work for the staff, Carla had the hard decision to lay off staff... First was a mutual agreement with Becky McDonald who walked out as she was last to be employed at the factory followed by Eileen Grimshaw for the same reasons. Carla also dismissed Sally Webster, who was upset Carla had done so, as Sally had worked for the factory and been loyal to the business for many years. Frank approached Sally and offerd her a supervisor job at his new factory which she accepted. Frank later returns to Underworld merging his business with Carla's, bringing all his staff with him.

In April 2012, after Frank is found dead in the factory,His 40% share was then to be purchased by Sally Webster.After meeting with Franks lawyers Carla discovers that Frank has left his percentage of the factory to Carla forgetting to change it after the rape much to the happiness to sister in law Michelle Connor.

Carla now co-owns the factory with a 70 percent with her brother Rob Donovan, who owns the remaining 30.

Type Clothing Factory
Owner Carla Connor (51%)

Peter Barlow (49%)

Address Underworld, Unit 14 Coronation Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2006- (as Underworld)
Employees Michelle Connor: Assistant Manager

Hayley Cropper: Supervisor Sally Webster: Supervisor/Machinist Julie Carp: Machinist Sean Tully: Machinist Izzy Armstrong: Machinist Beth Tinker: Machinist Eva Price: Machinist Kirk Sutherland: Packing/ Dispatch Assistant