Tracy McDonald


Tracy Lynette McDonald is the twin sister of Steve McDonald and sister in law to Amy Blankenhooper and aunt to Amy,PJ,Teddy,Gabriel,Charlotte and Toby and is daugther of Hank McDonald and Louisa McDonald born 1977. Tracy was a sensitive, unpredictable child who took disappointment hard. 


1977-1989: ChildhoodEditEdit

Hank and Louisa had been married for two years when Louisa gave birth to their twin children on 24th January 1977 Hank registered the birth himself so that he could put his preference of Tracy  and Steve as the baby's Christian named, using Louisa's choice of Lynette and James as a middle names. When Louisa found out about this she was furious with Hank for going behind her back.

With a baby to care for, the McDonalds decided to move out of their flat at 12 Victoria Road, Manchester to the (moderately) larger 5 Edinburgh Road. Ray was a partner in building firm Fairbrough and McDonald, where Louisa had worked as a secretary before leaving work to take care of Tracy and Steve. However, a year after Tracy and Steve's birth Hank had an affair with Petunia Blakenhooper , a waitress at Dawson Corner Cafe, effectively ending his and Louisa's marriage. A move to Germany was planned for the family as a fresh start, but Louisa chose instead to remain in Weatherfield with Tracy and Steve while Hank went to Holland by himself. Hank didn't say goodbye to Tracy and Steve and paid no further visits during their childhood, sending only occasional letters and Chirstmas presents. It would be twenty-seven years before they would meet again. In the meantime, Louisa and Tracy and Steve were taken in by Emily Bishop  at Number 76.

1996- Steve's Wedding

In June 1996 Steve married Amy B. Blankenhooper and Tracy was the bridemaid along with Amy's sister who was called Sydeny Blankenhooper.

1998 - niece and nephew's birth

In July 12th 1998 Tracy was a aunt for the first time because her sister in law Amy had three children named Teddy, PJ and Amy.

2000 - Her wedding 

In 1999 Tracy met Robert Preston and they decided to tie the knot in London where they were living before moving to Manchester to be near her Brother and Sister in Law and Nieces and Nephew they broke up in 2002