200px-Tina mcintyre
Tina McIntrye
Amy B. McDonald's sister and the McDonalds kids aunt

In January 2008, Tina is first seen while trying to book a doctor's appointment at the Medical Centre and argues with Gail Platt (Helen Worth). Tina starts dating Gail's son,David (Jack P. Shepherd), and soon learns that she is pregnant. She discusses the situation with Gail, unable to tell her own parents, who is pleased to hear that she wants a quick abortion. Gail pays for Tina to go private, providing that she doesn't tell David, worried that he is too unstable to be a father. David eventually finds out and ends the relationship. Furious with Gail for interfering, he pushes her away when she tries to stop him leaving but she accidentally falls down the stairs. Shocked, he visits Tina and they reconcile. She gives David an alibi but Gail's memory returns but she gives a vague description of a different assailant to protect David. Feeling guilty and wanting to be punished, David goes on a rampage in the street leading to his imprisonment.

In July 2009, Tina shares a drunken kiss with Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) after he humiliates himself with Minnie Chandra (Poppy Jhakra). Although initially enjoying his attention, Tina tells him that he isn't her type and leaves. Later, she and Jason meet again and return to his house. Tina asks Jason if he is in love with her and, when he says he is, she tells him she reciprocates. They buy the flat above The Kabin, and renovate it together, assisted by her father. In February 2010, Gail returns from a short break in the Lake District alone, claiming Joe got a job refitting a yacht there but Tina is worried. The truth is that she and David think Joe faked his own death and went to Ireland so Gail can claim his life insurance to pay his debts. Unfortunately, Joe was killed when the boom of the boat hit him on the head and knocked him into the water. The police suspect Gail murdered Joe and Tina believes them, banning Gail from Joe's funeral and on learning that Gail is planning to go to Italy, tells the police. Gail is arrested and charged with murder while Tina sinks deeper into depression and ends her relationship with Jason. David's friend, Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey), tries to help her but she refuses and when he learns she isn't eating, he moves in to look after her. Gail is cleared of murder, leaving her reeling as Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) claimed Gail admitted killing Joe, but Tina eventually realises that Gail is innocent and they make peace.

Tina falls in love with Graeme, despite reconciling with Jason as he supported her through Gail's trial, she realises that she isn't being fair to Jason and ends their relationship. Graeme tells Tina that he loves her and she eventually tells him she feels the same and they start dating. In September, Tina quits her job at The Kabin after Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) accuses her and Graeme of credit card fraud and starts work at the Rovers in December. On her first night, a gas explosion at The Joinery bar causes a tram to derail and crash on to the Street. Tina helps with the rescue effort as many residents seek shelter at the Rovers.

In February 2011, during a Valentine's Day meal with Graeme, Tina realises their waitress is an old friend, Xin Chiang (Elizabeth Tan), and sees that she is upset. Xin explains that she is struggling financially so Tina suggests Xin move in with her and Graeme but landlord, Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), puts the rent up. In March, Tina and Graeme's flat, destroyed in the tram crash, is repaired and ready for them to move back into but Xin is being threatened with deportation, due to visa problems, so Tina suggests she and Graeme get married. She and Graeme stage a break-up and Tina moves out so Xin can move in but they become a bit too close, making Tina jealous. Despite an investigation by the UK Border Agency, Xin gets her visa but a twisted ankle means she has to stay but Graeme takes the marriage seriously, refusing to get back with Tina and starts an affair with Xin. Tina is devastated but David's wife, Kylie Platt(Paula Lane), tells Tina that she should have expected it, leading to a fight and Steve gives Tina a verbal warning. Feeling that they have betrayed her, she threatens to report them to Immigration but Gail persuades her not to. Graeme and Xin move to London regardless but before Graeme leaves, she tells him that she could never hate him despite him breaking her heart.

Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain) pursues Tina for weeks as she gives him mixed signals after moving in with him and Tyrone. Tommy accepts Tina's offer to have dinner together, despite having a date with Amber Kalirai (Nikki Patel). Tommy leaves Amber to be with Tina, claiming that Tyrone is in hospital but she sees Tyrone is fine. She then visits Tommy and confronts him, after seeing him with Tina, and dumps him. Tina is furious and trashes the dinner. In August 2011, Tina starts dating Matt Carter (Oliver Mellor), after flirtatious conversations and they date until Tina realizes that Matt is embarrassed by her working in a pub after he gets her an interview at the bistro. Tina doesn't attend and tells Matt that if he is embarrassed by her, they should split up but he insists he just wants her to do better for herself, so she throws a pint over him and officially dumps him. In March 2012, she tells Sean how she feels about Tommy and Sean tells her that Tommy reciprocates but Tina isn't sure, so Sean suggests she make a "Pros and Cons" list. Tina has more pros than cons on the list but is still unsure until Tommy plans a night out in town and Sean warns Tina that he could meet someone else and forget her so she asks him out. The evening is successful until Tommy finds her list and is upset to see that she thinks him immature. He confronts Tina and after an argument, she storms out.

In April, Tommy is devastated to learn that his grandfather has died. Tina supports him and encourages him to go to the funeral. There, they talk about his granddad and her dad and bond, realising they are in love. Tommy tells Tina his granddad would've liked her and Tina responds by saying her dad would've approved of him. They kiss happily and start dating. Later, to Tommy's surprise, his dad, Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro), returns to the street. Despite Terry's history, Tommy gives him a chance and goes to work with Terry at his new lap dancing club, despite Tina's doubts. These worsen when she learns Terry is in serious debt and that he and Tommy plan to burn down the club to claim the insurance. Tina begs Tommy not to do it, even asking him to choose: her or Terry but Tommy chooses Terry. However, he can't go through with the plan so Terry intends to do it himself, knocking Tina out and leaving her unconscious, when she tries to stop him and spends 3 days in a coma in hospital. On waking, she tells Tommy that Terry was responsible and Tommy confronts Terry, demanding he choose: £9,000 from Tyrone or him. On visiting Tina later, he tells her that Terry saw sense and paid Rick before leaving but he didn't. Tommy is then forced into drug smuggling by Rick to pay Terry's debt and when Tina finds out, she reprimands Tommy and orders Rick to leave them alone but Rick gets his henchmen to beat Tommy up in front of her. Tina tries to turn a blind eye but when Rick demands Tommy drive a car filled with drugs to Amsterdam, she can't. Worried that Tommy will get caught, she takes the drugs on Rita's (Barbara Knox) wedding day so Rick kidnaps Rita and threatens to throw her in the canal if she doesn't return his drugs, so Tina gives them to him. However, as he tries to leave, he is stopped by the police and arrested. Tina tipped Kirsty off and dumps Tommy briefly but the couple soon reconcile and a few weeks later, Tina is stunned to learn that Kirsty is beating Tyrone when she finds him treating his injuries in the garage. When Kirsty leaves Tyrone, she tries to support him and tells him that he is better off without her but upsets him so he throws her out. Beth Tinker (Lisa George), speculates that Tina and Tyrone were having an affair and that's why Kirsty left but Julie Carp (Katy Cavanagh) does not believe her. Tina eventually tells Tommy the truth and this eventually leads to a fight in the Rovers in September 2012 - which results in Kirsty going into labour. Tina is then shunned by everyone as they believe she has a vendetta against Kirsty and Tyrone.

Tina agrees to become a surrogate for Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston), in return for payment from Izzy's father Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies). Tommy is very unhappy but Tina insists, worried about Tommy's debts. Tina goes through with the embryo transfer, despite concerns from Rita and Tommy, unable to cope with Tina being pregnant, ends the relationship. Tina helps Tyrone and Fiz run away with baby Ruby after Kirsty has Tyrone arrested for domestic abuse. Tina begins to feel suffocated by the Windass family as her pregnancy progresses and is shocked when Gary tries to kiss her. Outraged, she threatens to tell Izzy and Gary begs her not to. Unfortunately, Izzy's sister, Katy, finds out and makes a comment to Izzy about Gary not being perfect so she confronts him, on finding him with Tina. She tells Izzy what happened and leaves them to discuss the matter while she goes back to work but then realizes that she is in labour. She is rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby boy with Tommy and Izzy supporting her. Disgusted with Izzy's refusal to allow Gary to see the baby, despite how sick the baby is, she lets Gary see him but this leads to them rowing in the special care baby unit. Now furious, Tina reprimands them and throws them out. They reconcile and decide to name the baby Jake, but spending so much time with him, expressing milk and having to sign consent forms for his bowel operation, makes Tina realize that she can't give him to Izzy and Gary. When the baby is strong enough to come out of the incubation to be held, Izzy and Gary are not pleased to find Tina holding him and Gary suggests getting Tina to take a step back so Izzy can be the baby's mother but Tina says that she is keeping him. Anna and Gary are angry with Tina and she promises to repay the surrogacy money but initially they don't want it, leading to a 2nd row in the special care baby unit and Tina stops them from visiting the baby after they are reprimanded by the midwife. They learn that they can't force Tina to sign the papers. She moves in with Rita and when asked by Rita in the Rovers how the baby is, Anna insists she answer so she tells them that Joe is fine and they can visit if they want. However, Anna, Gary and Izzy are further angered by Tina changing the baby's name and leave the pub in disgust. After Gary and Izzy tell Anna that there is nothing they can do to stop Tina, Anna storms into the pub and slaps her and shouts at her, Tommy and Rita in front of a packed pub. Stella scolds Anna and orders her to leaves and Tina asks Tommy, Rita and Dennis if she is doing the right thing. Tommy tells Tina that he will support her regardless but she has to think about how Jake will feel when he's older. Later, Izzy and Gary decide to give the baby to Tommy and Tina and say their final goodbyes. However, seeing how much they love Jake, Tina changes her mind and lets Izzy and Gary keep the baby, much to their delight.