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Steve McDonald 


Steven James "Steve" McDonald is the son of Hank McDonald and Louisa McDonald and twin brother of Tracy McDonald. Steve first move to Manchester in 1989 when Hank was demobbed Steve started as the family failure; he was impetuous, reckless, and a liar. He was always in trouble, be it with family, women, or the police. In 1996 Steve married Amy. B Blankenhooper  to buy MVP Print shop and in 1998 he and Amy had triples who are called PJ,Teddy and Amy and in 2005 Steve had a another kid with Amy named Gabriel and in 2009 Steve had two more children named Charlotte and Toby who are twins and was there when every kid was welcomed home from the hospital with the kids who were born at the time of another kid. When Tracy came to visit the McDonalds Steve locked her out and told her she is never seeing his wife or kids without his mum or dad so Steve is mean about Tracy. In 2006 he bought Rovers Return and emplyoed Amy as landlady.  Tracy was sent to prison for murdering Charlie Stubbs and in 2009 his wife had Twins who are called Charlotte and Toby and in 2010 during Christmas Tracy was released from prison and Steve letted her to enter the house and met his wife and kids.  Steve currently lives at 18 Victoria Cross with Amy and his kids.


Arrival in Coronation StreetEdit

Steve arrived in Coronation Street at the age of 15 in October 1989, with twin sister Tracy and parents Hank and Louisa McDonald. From the start, the lads were high-energy tearaways initially causing aggravation for Alf Roberts. Steve and Andy got up to a lot of mischief, including a joyride in an industrial earth mover, breaking Alf's shop window. The lads were brought up mainly by their mother because their father Jim was in the army and away more than he was home. When he was home, the hot tempered Jim, whose tirades were often fuelled by whiskey and beer, had boys fearing and resenting him. Steve grew up with little respect for his father but a great deal for his mother. It didn't stop him from getting into scrapes, no matter how much it worried his mother. Schoolboy pranks turned into illegal activities when Steve was sure he could pull off a scam or two only to find out that the long arm of the law was only a few steps away. in 1991, Steve was caught selling stolen car radios and arrested, but refused to name his accomplices. Andy however did give some names and this resulted in him getting beaten up. The stress caused Liz, who was pregnant with her third child, to go into labour and give birth to a very premature daughter who only lived for a day. Steve was guilt-stricked at having inadvertently caused his sister's death and went straight to the police and named everyone involved in stolen car radios, allowing him to get off with a fine.

At one point, Steve ran away with a teenage love to the Lake District and had to be retrieved and defended against Jim by his mother. The McDonalds didn't have a lot of money and this seemed to fuel Steve's ambitions, always looking for a way to make money. Steve started working with Jim in a building business but Hank was drinking a lot and during an argument and scuffle on scaffolding, Hank fell into a skip and was paralyzed for a time. After Hank's recovery, things started to improve between father and son. They seemed to come to an acceptance of each other.

Marriages and RelationshipsEdit

He married young to Amy B. Blankenhooper, Granddaughter of Alf Blankenhooper, Steve's dad's friend who had come into a bit of money when her parents left Coronation Street in 1996 It was soon revealed that Steve and Amy was engaged so Tracy hit Amy down the stairs