The Newton and Ridley Brewery was established in Weatherfield in 1781.[17] During the 19th century, Newton and Ridley expanded its operations, moving towards the acquisition and construction of new public houses. There is a pub crawl called the Weatherfield 7.

The Rovers Return Inn[edit source | editbeta]Edit

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In 1902 Newton & Ridley acquired the freehold to the newly built public house on Coronation Street.[18] The pub was named "Rovers Return Inn" and is the principal meeting place in Coronation Street. Although the house is no longer owned by Newton and Ridley, the brewery's products are still available. Stella Price currently owns the pub, though there have also been many other owners.

The name was chosen because of the historic "Rover's Return" in Withy Grove, Manchester, which occupied a 14th-century building. At some period it became a licensed house but ceased to be so in 1924. The building stood until 1958 when the City Council had it demolished.[19]

The Flying Horse[edit source | editbeta]Edit

In 1850 Newton and Ridley opened "The Flying Dutchman" at the corner of Jubilee Terrace.[20] The name was changed in 1905 to "The Flying Horse" for patriotic reasons.[20] Until around 1985, The Flying Horse was the biggest rival pub to the "Rovers Return", with the regulars from both houses clashing in many friendly contests such as a tug-of-war, mixed football and pub Olympics.[20]

The pub was reintroduced in 2009; however, it is now filled with dodgy characters.

The Laughing Donkey[edit source | editbeta]Edit

"The Laughing Donkey" can be found on Omdurman Street, overlooking North Cross Park. It was the stronghold of Nellie Harvey (Mollie Sugden), acquaintance and nemesis of Rovers Return landlady, Annie Walker.[21]

The Queens[edit source | editbeta]Edit

"The Queens" was built in 1931 and is situated towards the 'trendy' Weatherfield Quays, south of Weatherfield.[22] The pub was introduced to Coronation Street in 1993, seeing former Rovers Landlady Liz McDonald installed as Landlady by Newton and Ridley.

The Weatherfield Arms[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Another rival to the Rovers Return, "The Weatherfield Arms", appeared around 2003. The location of the pub is unknown. Liz McDonaldwas the manager for a while here after she lost her job at the Rovers Return. Other Coronation Street residents such as Bev Unwin andCilla Battersby-Brown have been employed here.

The Farrier's Arms[edit source | editbeta]Edit

An early rival to the Rovers, mentioned in the first year or two by regular cast in 1960-1961, corner-shop owner Florrie Lindley worked there for 4 years before turning her attentions to shop-keeping, eventually it was mentioned less and less, especially after Florrie left. The pub has been unheard of for over 50 years, suggesting it has been closed down.