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Amy Duncan

Amy Katherine Duncan  is the daughter of Amy McDonald and Steve McDonald and is the 1st oldest child out of the McDonald Kids

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  • categorization Tina McIntyre
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  • new page Tina McIntyre
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    New page: Tina McIntrye In January 2008, Tina is first seen while trying to book a doctor's appointment at the Medical Centre and argues with Gail...
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    New page: Contents 1 Local press[edit source | editbeta] 2 Local shops and businesses[edit source | editbeta] 2.1 D&S Alahan Corner Shop[edit source | edi
  • new page Newton and Ridley
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    New page: The Newton and Ridley Brewery was established in Weatherfield in 1781.[17] During the 19th century, Newton and Ridley expanded its operations, moving...
  • new page Oakhill
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    New page: The Oakhill area of Weatherfield is in the north-west of the town and is reputed to be the 'posh end'. It is home to Weatherfield's onlyindependent...
  • new page Town centre
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    New page: The centre of Weatherfield comprises all streets along Rosamund Street, starting at Curzon Street in the north and ending at Victoria Street in the...
  • new page Valandro's
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    New page: Valandro's is an Italian restaurant. It was previously used as a secondary setting to restaurants such as The Clock, until equally bought by Carla...
  • new page Underworld
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    New page: Underworld is the underwear factory situated on Coronation Street, which for years has employed many residents of Weatherfield. The company was...
  • new page Oakhill School
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    New page: Weatherfield's only private school is in the Oakhill area of the town. The school first appeared in the programme in 1993 when Mike Baldwin offered...

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