Gabriel Bradley McDonald age 8 is brother to Amy, Teddy, PJ, Charlotte and Toby McDonald and the 4th child to Amy B. McDonald and Steve McDonald. Gabriel is the trouble kid.


2005: Birth

Gabriel was born in St. Marks hopsital where the grown-up Amy B. Duncan works and was born on 2th august 2005 he was born at exacly 3:10 am and he was delivered by Doctor. Sing and then was allowed to leave the hopstial with his mum Amy. B Duncan at 2:00pm and was welcome home by Steve, Amy,Teddy and PJ.

2006: Gabriel's 1st Birthday

2th August 2006 was Gabriel's 1st birthday and they were all sitting in the living room and Gabriel gave Amy B. McDonald some of his cake.

2008: Starting Nursery

3rd September 2008 saw Gabriel starting Nursery with his nursery friends and saw it as the first school he went to the nursery was called Cale Green Nursery school inter manchester.

2009: Charlotte and Toby's birth

3 years after Gabriel was born which saw Gabriel nearly 4 years old on  the 24th July 2009 Charlotte and Toby was born in St Marks Hospital they were born at 1:00pm and was allowed home at 7:30am on the 25th July 2009 and was welcome home by Steve,Amy,PJ,Teddy and Gabriel.

2010: Starting Proper School

With Gabriel being 5 years old in September Gabriel was eligble to start proper school at Cale Green Primary School.