Bessie  Street School


Formerly "Bessie Street Mixed Infants" and "Bessie Street Juniors", "Bessie Street Primary School" is the main institution for primary education in Weatherfield. Some characters have also worked there, the most notable being Ken Barlow who took his first teaching job at Bessie Street in 1961 where he worked intermittently until 1974.[23] Esther Hayes, who lived at No.5 Coronation Street until 1962, also worked as a teacher at the school.[24] The role of lollipop man at Bessie Street has been held by Albert Tatlock, Percy Sugden, Jack Duckworth and most recently Dennis Tanner. The headteacher is Brian Packham. The current chair of governors is Ken Barlow.

Peter Barlow went to see his son, Simon, perform in the nativity in December 2008, however he was refused entry as he was drunk, he fought his way through and ruined the play.

who went and goes thereEdit

Many of the characters in the programme attended Bessie Street as children, including Albert TatlockKen BarlowDennis Tanner,Tracy BarlowNick TilsleyDavid PlattChesney Battersby-BrownBethany PlattJoshua Peacock.The only Coronation Street residents currently attending are Amy BarlowSimon BarlowAsha Alahan & Aadi AlahanMax Turner

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