Local press[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Weatherfield has its own local newspaper, The Weatherfield Gazette. A free local newspaper also existed until 1990, known as The Weatherfield Recorder,[28] Also Weatherfield has a tabloid newspaper called The Daily Pulse.

Local shops and businesses[edit source | editbeta]Edit

D&S Alahan Corner Shop[edit source | editbeta]Edit

D&S Alahan's Corner Shop
Type General Convenience Store
Owner Dev Alahan
Address 15 Coronation Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2004– (as D&S Alahan's)
Employees Dev Alahan: Owner/ Shop Keeper

Sophie Webster: Shop Assistant Jenna Kamara: Shop Assistant

D&S Alahan's is situated at 15 Coronation Street and is on the junction to Viaduct Street. It is was owned by Dev Alahan and Sunita Alahan, until the death of Sunita in the Rovers Return in 2013, now it is owned by only Dev. D&S Alahan's was hit by the tram in December 2010, while Sunita AlahanMolly Dobbs and Baby Jack were inside, Jack and Sunita were subsequently saved but Molly didn't survive. The shop was closed for the beginning of 2011 but re-opened in late February. Until December 2010, the corner shop was the only business that had stood since the very first episode. Another notable storyline for D&S Alahan's was when Maya Sharma blew up the shop in 2004 with Dev and Sunita inside the flat above.

The Kabin[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The Kabin
Type Newsagent (Former Post Office)
Owner Norris Cole
Address 10 Coronation Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 1990– (In Current location)
Employees Norris Cole: Owner/ Newsagent

Rita Tanner: Newsagent Assistant Mary Taylor Dennis Tanner: Newsagent Assistant (Occasional)

The Kabin is also at the junction of Coronation Street and Viaduct Street. The Kabin mainly sells newspapers, magazines, traditional sweets and seasonal goods (Christmas, Easter, Hallowe'en). It was owned originally by Rita Sullivan as the Korner Kabin on Rosamund Street, and moved to its current location in 1990. In 2006, Rita sold 50% of The Kabin to employee Norris Cole, before selling her remaining 50% to him in late 2009, so that she could go travelling. The Kabin, along with D&S Alahan's corner shop and the Joinery wine bar, was severely hit by the tram crash in December 2010. The tram ripped through the shop and the flats above, with Rita inside the shop. After initially believing that Rita was out at a friend's, she was eventually rescued after Emily and Norris raised the alarm.

Audrey's Salon[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Audrey's Salon
Type Hairdressing and Beauty Salon
Owner Audrey Roberts
Address 2 Coronation Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 1991
Employees Audrey Roberts: Owner/ Hairdresser

Maria Connor: Hairdresser David Platt: Hairdresser Kylie Platt: Hairdresser

Audrey's Salon is situated at the junction of Rosamund Street and Coronation Street. It is currently owned by Audrey Roberts. 2 Coronation Street has been a hairdresser's salon since 1991, shortly after it was built. It was originally a charity shop, run by Emily Bishopin 1990. Previous salon owners included Denise Osbourne. It has been said[by whom?] that the majority of the cast has been in the salon at one time.

Nick's Bistro[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Nick's Bistro
Type Restaurant/Bar
Owner Nick Tilsley
Address Viaduct Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2010- (as The Joinery: Wine Bar)
Employees Nick Tilsley: Owner/ Waiter/ Barman

Leanne Tilsley: Owner/ Waitress/ Barmaid Kylie Platt: Waitress/Barmaid Gail McIntyre: Cleaner David Platt: Temporary Waiter/ Temporary Barman

The Bistro is situated on Viaduct Street under the viaduct, it was formerly a joiners workshop before it was renovated intoThe Joinery: Wine Bar in 2010. The Joinery was first opened by Peter Barlow and Leanne Barlow by owned by George Wilson, in early 2010 but on it first night Peters alcoholism got the better of him as he got drunk and violent, leaving Leanne devastated. Meaning that its first night was its last. In mid-2010 after the factory siege which saw the factory burnt down, Nick Tilsley saw an opportunity to use it as temporary factory, but he used this under the name Nick's Knicks meaning it had nothing to do with Carla or Underworld. After the closure of the temporary factory Nick rented the space again from owner George and re-opened The Joinery towards late 2010, employee ex-kebab shop worker Cheryl Gray as barmaid, Ciaran McCarthy as Chef and ex-wifeLeanne Barlow as Manager in order to allow her to live her dream. However, Nick and Leanne grew close and embarked on an affair, In December Ken Barlow walks in on them in the office looking for Peter and is disgusted with Leanne. The Joinery was destroyed following a gas explosion causing the tram to crash onto Coronation Street in front of the bar, which killed Ashley Peacock and nearly killed Peter. Nick, renovated in 2011 and re-opened it as The Bistro, again employing Cheryl along with his mother Gail as cleaner. Becky Granger briefly worked there after her split from husband Steve. Believing that Kylie needed to rest due to her pregnancy, David Platt took over her evening shifts here.

Barlow's Buys or Donovan Deal's[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Barlow's Buys
Type Cash Converters
Address 9 Rosamund Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2009-2013 (as Barlow's Bookies)
2013- (Barlow's Buys or Donovan Deal's)
Employees Peter Barlow: Bookmaker/Co-Owner (2013-)

Carla Connor Co-Owner (2013-) Rob Donovan: Rent shop of Carla & Peter Tracy Barlow: Rent shop of Carla & Peter

Barlow's Bookies is the bookmakers shop on Rosamund Street and is owned by Peter Barlow. Peter bought the shop in late 2008 from Dan and Harry Mason after his return to Weatherfield. Shortly after he moved into the flat above the Shop. In early 2009, Peter got drunk while his son Simon Barlow is sleeping, he then lights a cigarette before dropping it and setting the place alight. Simon awakes to find it alight and manages to call Deirdre Barlow who rushes out to the street and see the blazing shop and flat, she gets Luke Strong and Tony Gordon to help rescue Peter, Simon and Leanne (Simon's Rabbit). In August 2010, Lewis Archer cons Peter and the shop out of £4,000. After befriending new employee Deirdre he starts forging betting slips while Deidre's not looking and scams Leanne that he has won £4,000. CCTV reveals that he sneaked behind the desk and made the betting slip after the race had ended, before passionately kissing Deirdre to the dismay of Peter, Leanne, Ken and Audrey, but before he could be stopped he escapes to Barbados. John Stape worked here until he went on the run when his crimes were discovered. On 4 September 2011 a drunk Carla Conner crashed her car into the front of the Bookies, also knocking down Stella Price who was left critically ill following the accident. In April 2013, Leanne sold her shares behind Peters back to Carla. Carla then employed her brother Rob as a development Consultant to bring Barlows Bookies into the 21st Century.

Owen Armstrong Construction[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Owen Armstrong Construction
Type Builders
Owner Owen Armstrong
Address 17 Victoria Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2010- (as Owen Armstrong Construction)
Employees Owen Armstrong: Owner/ Builder

Gary Windass: Laborer

Owen Armstrong Construction is the builders yard situated on Victoria Street. It is part of a chain owned by Owen Armstrong, who bought it from Bill Webster. He kept on Jason Grimshaw and hired Chris Gray. Chris quit when he discovered he had a brain tumor. In 2011 he hires Gary Windass as a laborer, and dropped Jason Grimshaw in late 2012.

Street Cars[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Street Cars
Type Taxi Firm
Address 15 Victoria Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2000-
Employees Steve McDonald: Owner/ Driver/ Switch Operator

Lloyd Mullaney: Owner/ Driver/ Switch Operator Eileen Grimshaw: Office Manager/ Switch Operator
Fat Brenda: Night Switch Operator

Street Cars is a Taxi company which is situated on Victoria Street and owned by Steve McDonald.

Roy's Rolls[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Roy's Rolls
Type Cafe
Owner Roy Cropper & Hayley Cropper
Address 16 Victoria Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 1998- (as Roy's Rolls)
Employees Roy Cropper: Owner/ Chef/ Waiter

Hayley Cropper: Owner/Waitress Anna Windass: Waitress Sylvia Goodwin: Waitress Jenna Kamara: Waitress

Roy's Rolls is a cafe situated on Victoria Street, which is owned by Roy Cropper andHayley Cropper.

Prima Doner[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Prima Doner
Type Takeaway
Owner Dev Alahan
Address 18 Victoria Street
Location Weatherfield

2007-2008 (as Jerry's Takeaway)

2008- (as Prima Donor)

Employees Dev Alahan: Owner

Ryan Connor: Takeaway Assistant

Prima Doner is the kebab shop situated on the corner of Victoria Street, which is owned by Dev Alahan. The shop was formerly a DIY store owned by Sally Webster, followed by a Bakery owned by Diggory Compton, before becoming a Kebab shop which was opened byJerry Morton before being sold to Dev Alahan in 2008, after Jerry left Weatherfield for Spain. The shop focused around the Morton family from its opening in 2007 until 2009, when Daryll Morton left for Spain and Teresa Bryant was fired from her role, Mel, Jodie, Jerry and Daryll worked there from 2007-2008. When the shop was sold to Dev in 2008, Mel left to pursue her police career and Daryll was Fired by Dev.,

Webster's Auto Centre[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Webster's Auto Centre
Type Car Garage
Owner Kevin Webster

Tyrone Dobbs

Address Unit 16 Coronation Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 1990 - present
Employees Kevin Webster: Owner/ Mechanic/Valet

Tommy Duckworth: Mechanic/Valet Tyrone Dobbs: Owner / Mechainc

Tyrone Dobbs: Cover Owner/ Cover Mechanic/ Cover Valet

The garage is owned by Kevin Webster who sold shares to employee Tyrone Dobbs to make him a joint partner. The garage is situated between The Kabin and Underworld on Coronation Street, with an access door onto Viaduct Street. Tyrone took time out to care for his newborn daughter Ruby.

Elliot and Sons Master Butchers[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Elliott and Sons Master Butchers
Type Butchers
Owner Claire Peacock
Address 14 Victoria Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 1999-2010

Elliott and Son was a butchers situated on Victoria Street, owned by Ashley Peacockfollowing the death of his father Fred Elliott, Ashley died in the 2010 tram crash and the butchers has lay empty since. There are future plans for the shop to be turned into a fruit and veg shop.[29]

For Your Fries Only: Chip Shop[edit source | editbeta]Edit

For Your Fries Only
Type Fish and Chips Takeaway
Owner Mr Wong
Address Rosamund Street
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2008-
Employees No current on screen employees

For Your Fries Only, formerly Wongs Chip Shop, is situated on Rosamund Street next to the Medical Centre and is owned by "Mr Wong". The Chip Shop was introduced when Cilla Battersby-Brown and her friend Yana Lumb worked in the chip shop. Since their departures the chip shop is only referred to in storylines.

Freshco[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Type Supermarket
Owner Freshco Ltd.
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2000- (as Freshco)
Employees No Current on screen employees

Freshco is a supermarket situated in Weatherfield. It was formerly known as Bettabuys, and then Firman's Freezers, before finally being taken over by Freshco's. During that time, it was heavily featured in the programme, but as no current character works there, it was phased out in the early 2000s and is now only referred to occasionally by residents (usually after they have been shopping and come home with shopping bags reading "Freshco"). Izzy Armstrong worked here.

Turners Joinery[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Turners Jounery
Type Joiners workshop
Owner Turners
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2000- (as Turners Journery)
Employees No Current on screen employees

Turners joinery has not been mentioned recently. When Nick Tilsley decided to build the bistro he bought half of Turners joinery. However there is still part of Turners under the viaduct. Half of the Turners joinery still stands with a double door not seen much because it is behind the corner shop which goes unnoticed. Turners Joinery was built under the viaduct archway that originally connected Coronation Street with Jubilee Street. A large glass window was placed in here sometime in the 1990s, which was smashed by Maya Sharma in a car accident.

7eventh Heaven[edit source | editbeta]Edit

7eventh Heaven
Type Lap dancing bar - Construction site
Owner Terry Duckworth
Location Weatherfield
Duration 2012-
Employees No Current on screen employees

7eventh Heaven is the unit next to Nick's Bistro behind the Garage and Kabin. The development of the unit was started by Terry Duckworth when he returned to Weatherfield in 2012. He attempted to open up a bar, which was later revealed to be a lap dancing bar. After much protest from local residents which lost Terry money, he finally gave up as he owed money to loan sharks and fled weatherfield. The business was abandoned and remains closed and unfinished.

Restaurants[edit source | editbeta]Edit

There are three main restaurants residents visit: The Clock, Delphine's, and Valandro's. All three have been popular in recent years.

Valandro's[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Valandro's is an Italian restaurant. It was previously used as a secondary setting to restaurants such as The Clock, until equally bought by Carla Connor and Leanne Battersby in May 2007. After the unexpected death of Paul Connor however, Carla pulled out of the transaction, leaving Leanne to fund the cost of buying the business herself; she used money earned from being an escort, combined with a £10,000 loan from Roger Stiles. Amidst a wealth of financial trouble and staffing problems in July 2007, Leanne hired Paul Clayton to work at the restaurant as head chef, Paul later took out a loan in Jack Duckworth's name, and bought a share of the restaurant. The business was failing, so in 2008 Leanne convinced Paul to set fire to the restaurant in order to claim the insurance,[30]resulting in Paul fleeing the country.

The Royal Panda[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The Royal Panda is a Chinese restaurant. It was introduced as the workplace of Xin Chiang when Tina McIntyre and Graeme Proctor go to visit her.

Health[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Weatherfield General Hospital[edit source | editbeta]Edit

[1][2]Weatherfield General Hospital

The main NHS medical facilities are located at Weatherfield General Hospital. The wards at the hospital are named after singers including George Formby and Gracie FieldsMartin PlattKarl Foster and Todd Grimshaw have all worked at the hospital, while Emily Nugentalso did voluntary work for the hospital. Marcus Dent currently works here as a Sonographer.

Rosamund Street Medical Centre[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The medical practice situated on the junction between Rosamund Street and Coronation Street. Gail Platt was employed as a receptionist at the practice, until 2010 when she lost the job for reading private medical records. A former Coronation Street resident, Dr Matt Ramsden was employed there while he lived in Weatherfield. Dr Matt Carter is currently the resident doctor at the surgery and Deirdre Barlow is currently employed as a receptionist since 2010, after being made redundant from the council. The Medical Centre also features a Pharmacy which was briefly used in the story line of Joe Mcintyres drug addiction. The pharmacy is not seen apart from the green pharmacy sign in the window of the medical centre.

Transport[edit source | editbeta]Edit

A form of public transport is provided via a bus service called the Weatherfield Wayfarer. The bus can be boarded from the stop on Rosamund Street. A bus shelter there provides Weatherfield residents with a comfortable wait guarded from the elements, however, when Victoria Street was closed due to the construction of the Victoria Court apartment complex, a temporary bus stop was located outside the Medical Centre on the opposite side of Rosamund Street when an alternative diversion route was in operation. The service is currently provided by a Stagecoach bus, branded Weatherfield Wayfarer; however this has not always been so and the bus colours used to be grey. Metrolink trams are also in operation through Weatherfield. Although most residents appear to prefer taking the bus, it has been revealed that Deirdre Barlow takes the tram to work (at the council offices in central Manchester): this was when she arrived home with stained clothes as "someone spilt coffee down me on't tram". The Manchester Metrolink system runs along the viaduct on Viaduct Street, which separates Coronation Street and Jubilee Terrace. Though a tram station has never been witnessed onscreen, there may be one nearby, serving the residents of Weatherfield, as use of the tram system is occasionally mentioned in conversation. The tram has been heard more recently and has been shown on Kelly Crabtree and Natasha Blakeman's exits.

On the 6th of December 2010 a tram crashed off the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street after a gas blast at The Joinery created a hole in it. The track was damaged causing it to derail. The tram was not in service at the time; sending the front end of the tram into Dev and Sunita's Corner Shop and the other end into The Kabin.

It is not the first time in Weatherfield's history that such a disaster has happened; notably the derailment of a goods train in 1967.