Amy B. McDonald (née Blankenhooper) is the McDonalds children's mother,and the wife of Steve McDonald. She tends to steal the spotlight from others, and can be mean, rude, and tough. When she was a nurse, she went back to work after Amy Duncan, Teddy Rebecca McDonald, PJ Darth McDonald, Gabriel Bradley McDonald  and  Charlotte and Toby was born.

 After that she went back to work, but quit after that. She wanted to stay home with Charlotte and Toby. She is known for being a fame-monger, for bragging about being a "really great actress", and often remarks about her college acting skills. Amy takes every oppurtunity in the world to be on TV, and sometimes, even lies to get to it. Amy now has her own little segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Denver.

Amy McDonald is wife of Steve McDonald and mother of AmyPJ, Teddy, GabrielCharlotte and Toby She's a nurse and went back to work after Charlotte and Toby was born.

Background informationEdit

Her maiden name was Blankenhooper ("Holiday in Sun Part 1")

Amy can fake a French accent ("Charlotte and Toby are 2")

Amy's middle initial is B, but it may be her maiden name, Blakenhooper. ("Holiday in Sun Part 2")

Amy went to the Southwest Manchester Community College. She has mentioned this enough times to have her children remember her stories ("Teddy's New Boyfriend")

She can speak Spanish. ("Teddy's New Boyfriend", "Huddle Up", Spain Holiday")

Her order of favorite kids of season 1 are PJ, Amy, Teddy, Charlotte, Toby and Gabriel

Her order of favorite kids of season 2 are Teddy, Amy, Charlotte, Toby, PJ and Gabriel

Her order of favorite kids of season 3 are Amy, PJ, Teddy, Charlotte, Toby and Gabriel

He order of favorite kids of season 4 are Charlotte, Toby, Amy, Gabriel, Teddy and PJ

It is hard for Amy to return to work after having a baby

Its possible that Charlie and Toby were accidental children. Its hinted by her whenever she's asked about why she had more than 3 kids.


  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • Her favorite food is Lasagna.
  • She thinks Reese Witherspoon would play her in the movie of her life.
  • In Amy's New House 
  • her and Mary Lou Wentz are good friends.
  • Her friends are Debby Dooley, (season 2-season 2), Mary Lou Wentz (Season 1-present), and Mrs. Dabney(season 4/Rat-A-Teddy-Present)