Amy Katherine Duncan when she was 6

Amy Katherine McDonald is the one of the triple kids  of Amy. B McDonald and Steve Mcdonald and is 15 years old and is sister to PJ, Teddy, Gabriel, Charlie and Toby.


1998: Birth

Amy was born in St. Marks hopsital where the grown-up Amy B. Duncan works and was born on 12th July 1998 and she was delivered by Doctor. Sing. She was born at exacly 12:00pm on 12th July 1998 and then was allowed to leave the hopstial with Amy at 3:00pm on the same day and was welcome home by the dad, Steve McDonald.

2002: Starting School

On the 2nd September 2002 age 7 Amy started school with Teddy and PJ McDonald who are the other two of the triple birth and that is where Amy met Max Turner, her classmate and fell in love but did not tell anyone until PJ found out by Teddy since Teddy spyed on them on the playground of Bessie Street School.

2005: Gabriel's Birth

On the 2nd August at 3:10 am Amy's younger brother Gabriel was born at the same hopsital as Amy, PJ and Teddy was born at and he was delivered by Doctor. Sing and then was allowed to leave the hopstial with his mum Amy. B Duncan at 2:00pm and was welcome home by Steve, Amy,Teddy and PJ.

2006: Amy's 11th Birthday Party

The following year after Gabirel was born was Amy's 11th Birthday and had a party with  her new high school friends who are Max Turner, Rosie Webster, Sophie Webster, Teddy and PJ (siblings and friends), Faye Windass, Emily Bishop, Asha Alahan, Simon Barlow, Aadi Alahan, Ryan Connor, Liam Connor Jr.

2009: Charlotte and Toby's Birth

After five years of just Amy,PJ,Teddy and Gabriel together it came to an end on the 24th July 2009 Charlotte and Toby was born in St Marks Hospital they were born at 1:00pm and was allowed home at 7:30am on the 25th July 2009.